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Sisley and Creaction Design Group Team Up Again At Sak’s Fifth Avenue

March 25, 2011

After a first successful collaboration in 2009 at Bloomingdale’s 59th, Sisley Cosmetics teamed up again with Creaction Design Group to design, manufacture and install its new flagship at Sak’s Fifth Avenue in New York.

Sisley New Corner at Sak's Fifth Avenue

The project is the first personalized corner for a cosmetic brand at Sak’s Fifth Avenue and crowns the success of the family-owned exclusive cosmetic brand in the North American market.

Sisley Sak's Corner Before and After

As for every Sisley corner, originality, elegance and luxury are the key concepts. The Creaction team started working on a flow analysis, studying how was the corner was positioned and what where the best axes to develop given the environment. We also reviewed the sales process with Sisley management and their staff in order to create a staff that would be both elegant but also very ergonomic.

Sisley Sak's Corner - Lay-out

Sisley Sak's Corner - Elevations

Very early in our design study, the idea of a curved, smooth design was at the center of our reflection to contrast with the rest of the fixtures. The column at the center, dressing up the air-conditioning vent for the floor presented us with an interesting opportunity for signage, using it as an wrap-around canopy.

Sisley Sak's Corner - Volumetric Study

Sisley Sak's Corner - Photorealistic Simulation

After receiving the approval from Sak’s Fifth Avenue (SFA) based on photo realistic renders, we started working on the engineering of the space. The design of the column with the overreaching canopy presented an interesting challenge: SFA expressly requested that it held the weight of a person standing on top, as it regularly rented the space out to the brands for different animations.

The Engineering of the Sisley Column

The engineering led us to use a metallic structure for the column with a double-door system fitted with custom hidden hinges to provide access inside the column (for maintenance purposes) as well as in the light boxes to change quickly and easily the brand communication.

Sisley's Column Metal Structure

Regarding the finishes, the choice of materials quickly turned to white Corian® for its resistance and its perfect, smooth aspect. This enables us to create a seamless aspect all around, on the curved counters. And the use of Bisazza mosaic on the cabinetry of the consultation table brought a nice, warmer touch to the corner.

Sisley Corner in Production

The installation of the corner went smoothly, supported by a local team in New York and the result is a truly unique space, the first completely personalized at Sak’s Fifth Avenue flagship in New York.

Sisley at Sak's Fifth Avenue - Consultation Table

Sisley at Sak's Fifth Avenue - Fragrance Bar

The attention to ergonomic details (see below) quickly won the sales staff and the clients over, making it a truly convivial space to review and try Sisley Cosmetics very high-end skincare, fragrances and make-up products.

Sisley Sak's Corner - Glass Shelf and Bag Hook Pull-outs