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Our latest work!

November 3, 2011

So we haven’t posted in quite some time but it doesn’t mean we haven’t kept busy! And to catch you up with all the great projects we have worked on recently, we have compiled a new book. See below and don’t hesitate to post your comments.



Sisley Cosmetics Shines at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street

August 6, 2010

The New Sisley Columns at Bloomingdale's 59th Street

A few months ago, Creaction Design Group completed the installation of Sisley Cosmetics’ flagship corner at Bloomingdale’s. But as the fixtures were being manufactured, guidelines had changed and Bloomingdale’s authorized the brands in the center of B’Way to extend the dressing of the columns from 66″ to 102″, giving greater visibility from the aisles of the cosmetics department.

The Illuminated Column Extensions Crown Sisley Flagship at B'Way

As Creaction went back to the drawing board, we worked closely with Sisley Cosmetics to make the best use of this unique opportunity to increase the visibility of the flagship corner. Our main goal was to create a design seamlessly integrated with the existing fixtures, something that wouldn’t look like an addition but would enhance significantly the visibility of the corner.

Sisley's Flagship at Bloomingdale's 59th Street

The result: two column extensions in lacquered wood with cut-out logos and acrylic panels engraved with Sisley’s inimitable family shield and orchid, lit up by colored LEDs from JESCO Lighting. A fine combination that crowns elegantly Sisley’s flagship corner at Bloomingdale’s.

The Color Changing LEDs From JESCO Lighting Add A Subtle Touch to The Ensemble

Manufactured in Miami by Creaction Design Group, the column extensions represented a technical challenge that required an in-depth engineering study to integrate the shape and lights in the limited space available around the existing columns. The solution chosen relies on the combination of a metallic structure (used as a cantilever) and carpentry to support the weight of the columns.

A render of the space presents the concept as it was developed by Creaction Design Group

The Illuminated Column Extensions Crown Sisley Flagship at B'Way

LVMH CLA inaugurates the latest TAG Heuer boutique in the Caribbean

March 1, 2010

On February 10th, the Creaction team was invited by our clients from LVMH CLA to inaugurate the first TAG Heuer storefront in the Caribbean with great fanfare. Over 200 persons joined LVMH and Colombian Emeralds International to celebrate this new achievement by the Swiss watchmaking legend during an evening of festivities and entertainment.

The new TAG Heuer shop-in-shop in Oranjestad, Aruba was entirely designed and manufactured by Creaction Design Group. At the heart of the emblematic Renaissance boutique hotel in Aruba, the store uses the sleek design of the leading sport watch brand to create an atmosphere of luxury and performance. This new space presents TAG Heuer’s unique identity, mixing world-class technology with great tradition and craftsmanship.

TAG Heuer's Nathalie Drevot and Creaction's Pierre Amezcua in front of the TAG Heuer boutique

The sleek design of TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer boutique opens directly into Colombian Emeralds International

The lucky winner of a TAG Heuer Link with Colombian Emeralds staff

Nathalie Drevot (TAG Heuer), Jack Coote (CEI) and Jeanette Keith (CEI)

A happy winner of a pair of TAG Heuer sunglasses