Longchamp increases its visibility at DFA MIA with Creaction

A  few months ago, Creaction Design started working with luxury brand Longchamp and the first assignment we received from Stéphanie Peña, Regional Sales Director for the Americas was to help the brand increase its visibility in the DFA stores at Miami International Airport.

With skyrocketing sales of its staple Pliage bags, an iconic product very well suited for Travel Retail environment, the brand wantedto display more of its leather lines while increasing the visibility and branding of its newly acquired space within the DFA stores.

Longchamp Gondola with its iconic Pliage, a staple for Travel Retail locations

The result: brand new fixtures with Longchamp new corporate design for 6 of the 12 DFA stores at MIA. Easily recognizable with their iconic Pliage bags and Longchamp new line of upscale leather bags, the fixtures are clearly identifiable with illuminated logos.

Longchamp illuminated logo signals the brand from the store entrance

Leathers are elegantly displayed on Longchamp luxurious console kits, an original design from the brand, adapted here by Creaction Design for the requirements of the space at Miami International Airport.

Longchamp Leathers are displayed on a luxurious and unique console kit

The concept of Longchamp travel retail was declined to accommodate larger retail spaces like with this complete wall unit for Longchamp Pliage next to gate D25.

A complete wall of Longchamp Pliage bags


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